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Research & Development

Your Competence Laboratory for Nucleic Acid Analysis

Research and development

Since CONGEN Biotechnologie was founded, it has been in our company’s interest to answer individual questions from customers in the field of food production and analytics. We know: depending on matrix, production, analyte, or customer requirements, these questions cannot be answered as standard.

As specialists in the field of nucleic acid detection using real-time PCR technology, we can draw on many years of experience from which you benefit.

In close cooperation with you and based on your requirements, we take over matrix validations or develop sample-specific detection and extraction procedures. We would also be pleased to support process validation for quality assurance in your production facility.

Access to our reference and sequence databases, which have grown over many years, enables us to develop sensitive and specific detection methods. User-friendliness and practicability are checked and optimised by our experienced staff.

In our separate production areas of CONGEN Biotechnologie, the detection kits developed for you are produced, packaged, and sent to you for testing purposes. Here you will find an overview of the detection methods we have already developed and established on the market.

How we Can HELP?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further analyses or matrix validations.